Good to Know!

Hurricane Prep

Soon it will be hurricane season and even though we hope Mother Nature is easy on us, like the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. As Oyster Harbour HOA, it’s our duty to see that you are made fully aware of the preventions you need to take and the resources you have to keep your house safe and sound during a storm.

If you are going to be home—

  1. Bring all lawn/patio furniture/grills/flags/trashcans indoors/birdfeeders/wreaths and any other object which may be blown away.
  2. Bring all potted and loose plants indoors.
  3. Close all windows and shutters. Lower or remove “Easy Breeze” windows.
  4. Stock flashlights, batteries, and candles.
  5. Stock enough rm-perishable food and bottled water for 3 days.
  6. If you have a generator, make sure it, and the house connections, are working.
  7. Have the list of emergency phone numbers handy.
  8. Know your evacuation route and emergency shelter locations.
  9. Use common sense in determining the items you needs to protect.
  10. If there special needs that require attention, make your Board Member Captain aware.

If you are NOT going to be home

  1. Let a Board Member know if you are going to be away and when you’ll be returning.
  2. Turn off all non-essential electrical items. Use timers on a few lights
  3. If you feel comfortable, leave a key with a neighbor, or tell someone where you’ve hidden one.
  4. Move your outdoor furniture indoors or secure by tying down.
  5. It is recommended that you turn off the main water valve. Know its location.

City of Shallotte
  • Administration/Mayor’s Office – 910-754-4032
  • Fire Emergency — 911
  • Fire Department (non-emergency) – 910-754-6262
  • Police Emergency – 911
  • Public Works – 910-754-4032
  • After Hours Water and Sewer Emergency – 910-233-5693 Brunswick County
  • Emergency Services – 910-253-5383
  • Sheriff’s Office – 910-253-2777
  • Administration – 910-253-2000
  • Animal Services 910-253-2000
  • Miscellaneous
  • ATMC (Customer Service) – 910-754-4311, Toll Free 1-888-367-2862
  • ATMC (Repair) – 910-754-4317
  • Brunswick County
  • Brunswick Electric (Shallotte Headquarters) – 910-754-4391
  • National Hurricane Center
  • Nextdoor
To sign up for emergency alerts. go to: After the storm, if you have ANY property damage, call your insurance company, take pictures of the damage, and if you need help with tree removal or clean-up, contact a tree service.

Free Dump Week

Brunswick County property owners and residents may dispose of all materials, except for regular household trash and hazardous waste, at the Brunswick County Landfill free of charge. Metal, tires, electronics, latex paint, and yard debris can be disposed of during free week but they must be placed in their designated area.

Must show proof of Brunswick County property ownership or residency.

Here is a link to the Brunswick County Offices Calendar for more information.

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Deer Resistant Plants and Salt Tolerant Plants

Browse thge following lists to find plant species that are less likely to be eaten by deer or hurt by our salt air in this article.

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Why Native Plants Matter

Learn about plants native to our area, what they are, and why it’s important to consider these plants in our landscaping in this article submitted by Deb Weintraub.

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Real Time Shellfish Closures

It’s now possible to see in real time which shell fishing waters are open to harvest, thanks to a new application the Division of Marine Fisheries launched recently. Read more information in this article from the Division of Marine Fisheries.

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Coexist with Alligators

Alligators are a fact of life in Oyster Harbour. This pamphlet from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission contains vital information for residents of OH. Click to read Coexist with Alligators

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Opportunities to get involved in your community

Many of our established committees are looking for additional volunteers. Also there are ad hoc committees called together for a limited time and a specific purpose. Membership is up but there are still opportunities to make a contribution by working alongside your neighbors. Contact a Board member if you are interested.

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Oyster Harbour Residents Volunteer for Turtle Patrol

The Holden Beach Turtle Watch, or “Turtle Patrol” as it is usually referred to, was founded in 1989 to monitor and protect the sea turtle population on Holden Beach. This all volunteer, nonprofit conservation organization has approximately 65 members. Oyster Harbour residents are among the active volunteers on the Turtle Patrol.

2019 was a record year for sea turtle nests and hatchlings for the entire the Atlantic Coast:

  • 2019 number of nests 105
  • 2019 number of hatchlings to the water 8,107
  • 8 Oyster Harbour residents are members of the HB Turtle Patrol

The nesting season is May to August. The hatching season starts in July and ends in October when the last nest hatches.
If you are interested in learning more about the Turtle Patrol, or you would like to volunteer for the Turtle Patrol, you can contact Donna McGowan at
Or, visit the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Web site at:
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Make plans to join the ladies on the first Monday of each month for Bunco, bring $5 and a snack to share; all ladies are welcome! Contact Sue Slawinski, 846-2554 or if you have any questions. *NOTE* The Oyster Harbour Ladies Bunco group has traditionally shared our bounties in December by donating to local charities, the Brunswick County Family Assistance and Southern Brunswick InterChurch Council. In addition to cash, we also collect non-perishable food items and pet food. Our furry friends are often in desperate need of food too, and the food bank really appreciates our remembering them,. This year, we would like to invite all of you to participate in this sharing project. You may leave your items in the bin in the clubhouse foyer and if you would like to donate cash, please contact Carla Wisniewski, your December Bunco hostess or Sue Slawinski, Bunco Lead. The Bunco Ladies thank you for your support!

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Oyster Harbour Nanas

Ladies: Looking for something to do for a good cause? Join the Oyster Harbour Nana’s! We make small stuffed animals that are delivered to Novant Hospital and various Food Banks. Many children have enjoyed these stuffed animals from the Oyster Harbour Nana’s for the past several years. Everyone is invited to join the workshop, and all skill levels are appreciated. We need people who can sew, cut patterns, decorate, stuff and put the finishing touches on the animals.
The Oyster Harbour Nana’s meet every Monday at the Oyster Harbour Clubhouse at 1:00 PM.
Any questions/donations for the Oyster Harbour Nana’s, please telephone Debbie Bace at 910-842-9844.

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