Oyster Harbour Gate Information  Here’s what you need to know about getting into Oyster Harbour

Gate Access – Instructions to Use Kiosk

Below are instructions for you, your invited guests, and any maintenance/repair personnel. Please read this carefully and inform your guests on how to reach you when arriving at the gates. If you’d like a printable version of this information click here

If your name is not in the kiosk please contact Waccamaw Management. You’ll find their contact info at the bottom of our Home page . .

There are two methods to search for or call a resident. .

To Search by Name
  • Phone Call
  • Find a Name
  • Scroll through list of names or use search feature to list the first few letters of name
  • Tap on the Member Name
The kiosk will call the member on the cell phone or home phone, which ever number that member assigned. The member will hit 9 to open the gates

  • Phone Call
  • I have a directory code
  • Enter the directory code
  • Tap the Call Button
The kiosk will call the member on the cell phone or home phone, which ever number that member assigned.

The member will hit 9 to open the gates.

Please add this number to a list of telephone numbers you will accept. This is the Kiosk Telephone number that will be calling you. You can not dial this number. When someone uses the kiosk to call you you will be receiving a call from 252-713-4342

Obtaining Cards and Key Fobs (Remotes)

In addition to your magnetic cards, you may purchase a key fob (remote) from Waccamaw Management for a fee. You will find Waccamaw Management contact info at the bottom of our Home page .

Gate Entry Guidelines

Important Notes Regarding Oyster Harbour Gate Entry
  • Only Key Fobs ,Access Cards and Reader Tags assigned to you will open any access points. If you are using the swipe cards or key fobs of previous owners or if your cards/fobs are not registered..THEY WILL NOT WORK.
  • Your name should be on the Kiosk ringing to the designated phone number you assigned. Once your guest touches your name or directory code, your assigned telephone number will ring and you will push 9 to open the gates.
  • The phone number now associated with the Oyster Harbour kiosk is 252-713-4342. Please be sure to add it to your contacts. This is the number that will call you when a guest dials your name at the kiosk. This number can not receive calls so you can not call it back.
  • When scheduling with any outside vendor …landscaping, heating/air conditioning, exterminators …any service…PLEASE be sure to tell them you live in the GATED community of Oyster Harbour. They DO have codes to enter but if you just say your address the dispatcher will not know a code is needed for entry. Your service contractor can always call you from the kiosk.
  • If you are expecting a delivery of any sort…especially food, furniture, etc, please be sure you are available to answer your calls and let the delivery person in. If you do not answer the call from the kiosk, they will not have a way to enter.
  • You can open the gates from your phone by dialing 9 to let your guests in. You control your guest entry.
  • Directory codes which can be found next to your name on the kiosk are NOT THE SAME as access codes.
  • The Waterpark gates open inward. Please be cautious when approaching the gate. Of note: The speed of the gate has nothing to do with the upgrade. Federal mandates govern the speed at which the gates open. This is not something we can change.